Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pull request sent

Today I finally finished my rewrite of the MFRC522 library and sent a pull request to the upstream repository: Now I look forward to hear Miguel's response - will he welcome my changes or reject them as "too invasive"?
Since last time I also added functions to use the MIFARE Classic Decrement/Increment/Restore/Transfer commands and an example of how to use them (it requires changing the sector trailer).

The next step in the project is building the electronics for driving a Ruko/Abloy EL582 solenoid lock I have bought for use in this project. I expect that to be a lot simpler than rewriting the MFRC522 library ;-)


  1. Update: Miguel has OK'ed the pull request and merged my changes. Great!

  2. Hello, I know this is an old post, but I don't know how to contact miguel Balboa and I need to read the uid for Mifare desfire cards with arduino... There are some examples that works (and the nfc reader works ok with raspberry and python reading desfire) but I like your library very much and I would like to know if it is very complicated to enhance it to support desfire cards.